Why Port Washington?

A Happier, Healthier Community

It’s not about building communities from scratch but bettering the communities that are already thriving. 

SLC’s commitment to community improvement goes far beyond the average developer; from deep ties to local community groups to a massive environmental cleanup project to a location poised to become a gathering destination, 145 West Shore Road represents the quintessential SLC development.

Port Washington is one of Long Island’s most unique suburban oases with one of the island’s most beautiful downtowns–a downtown with businesses that rely on residents and visitors to keep the area economically healthy and vibrant. 

Directly off of West Shore Road is an undeveloped industrial waterfront space that’s been affecting the local ecosystem for some time. It represents not just an intensive environmental cleanup opportunity, but the chance to reinvigorate a town with support, funding, public access, and sustainability like never before.

To SLC, the 145 West Shore Road development in Port Washington stands for far more than community growth.

Continued Education Improvements

With $1 million in up-front funding support and an anticipated $13 million in tax dollars directly to the school system, SLC is providing tremendous support for the community’s youth. Although expected to only add a small group of children to the schools, this development’s financial impact will provide books, supplies, and support.

Better Public Transportation

The traffic studies are in and the impact is negligible, if even noticeable. By committing to providing a public shuttle from the property to the nearby train station, SLC is also enabling smarter commute alternatives, without busying the streets. New parking areas will also ensure both property and community residents have plenty of space to enjoy the waterfront.

A Greener Port Washington

SLC wants to help preserve Port Washington for generations to come. That’s why the 145 West Shore Road development will be one of the most environmentally friendly developments SLC has ever designed.

Designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, this property will be built with 100% environmentally friendly building materials, 15-20% of which are recycled. 

Water recycling for irrigation. Solar energy to power the garages and common areas. Energy efficient appliances. Electric car charging stations. 

Additional environment-friendly features include: 

  • Water recycling for irrigation 
  • Solar energy to power the garages and common areas
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Electric car charging stations

Top-to-bottom, this development is designed to protect the planet.

For Families

SLC believes in keeping communities, friends, and families together. 145 West Shore Road will feature a completely rebuilt community pier with events for all Port Washington families to enjoy more time together, in addition to mussel beds, a publicly accessible marina, and more.

With luxury housing for new, established, or transitioning families, 145 West Shore Road will be a place to keep families in the Port Washington community.

A Cleaner Hempstead Harbor

Did You Know?

If you went swimming in this area of Hempstead Harbor today, you would be joined by:

(3) sunken barges

(1) sunken tugboat

(1) 900-gallon tank

(1) dilapidated, on-shore barge

1,000+ tons of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-contaminated equipment and scrap

200 x 500 feet of sunken dock causing major dredging

1,500 linear feet of breached bulkhead

Large steel cribbing with carcinogenic paint

Dirty oil and sediment that have thoroughly polluted all surrounding land

Miscellaneous boats, cars, and piles of trash

From Rust Beds to Mussel Beds

After the completion of the 145 West Shore Road project, you will instead be swimming with:

Clean water from a $12+ million landward and seaward environmental cleanup that is hazard, waste, and PCB-free

Removal of contaminated soil, trash, and waste

Completely refurbished bulkhead

Brand new 300-foot-long pier

Publicly accessible marina

Mussel bed farm

Floating green-life preserve


Improving and Protecting the Local Water and Sewage System

From sewage to water supply, SLC is taking direct steps to help modernize, improve, and protect the systems and supply. Proactive steps have been taken to guarantee that local infrastructure isn’t overburdened and that all amenities remain unaffected to current residents.

The Next Generation

145 West Shore Road is a long-forgotten outskirt of Port Washington with nothing but potential to offer the community a new space to gather, explore, enjoy, learn, live, and ultimately cultivate connections.

Supporting the ongoing efforts and initiatives of several long-standing community groups. A monumental environmental remediation development that improves the beauty and health of the entire local ecosystem.

This is the nucleus for the next generation of the Port Washington community.